10 things that destroy your relationship

Is your couple on the edge of the precipice?

The lack of respect

A couple that goes well is two partners who respect each other. There are no insults, no violence, no one belittles the other, everyone has understood that the other must flourish as a person and therefore everyone has their private space, their secret garden.

When respect is lost, there is usually no turning back. 

excessive jealousy

Jealousy is a feeling that comes from the fear of losing the other and from a certain lack of confidence (in oneself and in the other).

It is not a sign of love, on the other hand, it can happen to everyone to feel jealousy, it does not matter.

But be careful not to let jealousy take control until it turns into obsession and shatters the couple.

The lack of support

Support is essential in a couple.

When we are in a relationship, we share a lot of things, so it is important that the other is attentive and can support and support us in strong moments, sad as well as joyful.

If the other does not show compassion and is never there in difficult times, the relationship is going badly. 

Dissatisfaction and constant complaints

Constantly complaining and always demanding more is exhausting for the other and for oneself.

When you find yourself in this situation, you have to ask yourself why you complain all the time: is it a bad habit or is it a symptom of general dissatisfaction? 

Emotional dependence

Do you really love him, or do you like being in a relationship?

It is normal for the relationship to be fusional at the beginning, during the “honeymoon”, to feel that we are one, to see the other as we would like him/her to be, as someone who completes us.

Only, during this period and after, it is important not to respond to all the desires of the other and not to put their needs before ours, in order to keep the fusion going.

True love is the one where we really love the person for who he is, and not for the emotional void that he fills in us. 

The lack of communication

Many couples break up because of a lack of communication.

You have to talk about what’s going well and what’s not, you have to express yourself about your desires, your desires, your feelings, listen to and take into account the opinions, desires, desires and feelings of the other.

Anyway, when you keep what you have on your heart to yourself, it always ends up coming out! 

Don’t spend time together

This is all the more true in the case of a couple who have children: you have to keep moments as a couple.

A couple should, to maintain the flame, make sure to keep signs of affection, regular sexual relations, moments of tenderness and activities outside of everyday life… In short, spending time as a couple. 

No more joint projects

Having common projects is essential to move forward together. Even if all our projects do not have to be common!

A couple that is going well makes plans, short or long term. They talk about it, imagine, make plans, modify them together…

To no longer have any common project is to move away little by little.

forget yourself

Being two also means asserting yourself as a whole person and knowing how to say no.

A couple doesn’t have to want the same things at the same time or always have the same vision of things.

A couple is formed by two people and neither must forget each other to try to be one or leave more room for the other.

A sex life that is no longer fulfilling

Sexuality is indicative of the state of the relationship.

If your sexuality is fulfilled, complicity and love are strengthened.

In a successful relationship, the partners are both satisfied with their sex life.

Mary Desbonnet 

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