8 tips to avoid the flu this winter

The flu comes every winter even though we don’t need it. During epidemic peaks, often in December-January and February, precautions must be taken.


Airing the house, and especially the bedrooms, at least 10 minutes a day is necessary to renew the air and drive out any germs and viruses.

When a person is sick in the home, more airing is needed at the rate of 3 times 10 minutes a day. 

Have a balanced diet

To avoid getting sick, the immune system must be efficient. However, to be, the body must receive all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning.

The easiest way to achieve this is to eat a balanced diet by varying foods and limiting sugar and fat.

Make a cure of echinacea

Echinacea is a plant from the Asteraceae family. It is used to boost the immune system and prevent winter respiratory infections such as the flu.

It is consumed in the form of an infusion, at the rate of 1 g of roots or dried aerial parts in 1 cup of boiling water or in the form of capsules (1 g, 3 times a day).

Wash your hands well

In order to avoid contamination of the flu, the reflex to have on a daily basis is to wash your hands. Even seemingly clean hands can carry contagious viruses, including the flu. 

This gesture must be systematic after going to the toilet, before eating, before taking care of a child or even after using public transport.

Take trace elements

Trace elements are essential substances for our body, they help to strengthen the immune system.

A copper cure in the form of ampoules helps protect against colds and flu. Selenium, silver and zinc are also immune system boosters.  

They are ideally associated with vitamin D to multiply their effects.

Have the essential oils reflex

Essential oils are an effective weapon in the fight against the flu. Those with anti-infectious and anti-viral properties will be preferred as well as those that strengthen immunity.

The essential oil of ravintsara, niaouli or even tea tree will play a preventive role in flu-like states. They must be combined to multiply their effects.

Sleep 8 hours a night

A tired organism is a weakened organism. To prevent winter illnesses, and the flu in particular, it is essential to sleep 8 hours a night. 

The cold season is a tiring period. Going to bed earlier is therefore a good reflex to acquire to better recover and better face the long winter days.

take the light

Exposing yourself to light is important for good moral… and physical health! 

If it is easier to take in the light in summer than in winter, there are alternatives such as light therapy or vitamin D ampoules.

This is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

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