Which position to choose for sleeping?

Each of us has his or her own habits and a favorite position without which he or she cannot sleep. This position can be found in the environment itself. We instinctively run away from what bothers us: noise, light, etc. and we will thus turn our backs to the door, the window… or to our spouse with whom we have just had an argument…

Others bring the sleep positions closer to the psyche and attribute to it a hidden meaning and a very precise significance that would refer to the emotional state.

The position recommended by health professionals is on the side, with the limbs relaxed, knees slightly bent, or on the back. It allows the whole body to relax and regenerate, giving way to a feeling of vitality when you wake up.

The mattress is also important: it should be neither too soft nor too hard to avoid tension in the neck and lower back area

If you only feel good on your stomach and wake up feeling good, keep it. The best position is above all the position in which you feel good…

What are the complications?
If, on the other hand, you wake up aching, tired with stiffness in the neck and lumbar region, your position should be reviewed. Some positions should be avoided because they can cause health problems. On the contrary, others are to be favored to protect such or such vital organ. Here is an overview of the main positions with their advantages and disadvantages for your health.

Sleeping on the stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is the worst position according to sleep specialists because it hinders breathing and digestion and creates tension in the cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions, which can lead to back pain, neck pain and headaches. It also promotes bruxism (teeth grinding). Even if you feel good in this position, think about it…

Sleeping on your side, in a dog-leg position, is a widely popular position because it allows the whole body to relax. It is reminiscent of the fetal position, the original position adopted in the mother’s womb.

In order to avoid possible lumbar torsion, it is recommended to slip a pillow between the two knees. This precaution is especially recommended for pregnant women who suffer from back problems. To avoid cervical pain, a thin pillow should be placed under the head to ensure the proper alignment of the spine.

Which side should I choose?
Left side or right side, the ideal is not to always sleep on the same side. Sleeping on the left side causes the lungs to compress on the heart. Sleeping on the right side is therefore recommended to avoid putting pressure on the heart, even if it seems to promote heartburn. If you have a good heart but a weak stomach, it is better to sleep on the left side. In the end, it’s up to each person to choose their side according to their comfort and health…

Sleeping on your back

The position on the back offers a harmonious distribution of the weight of the whole body and relieves the spine. It thus favors a restful sleep. Those who have a marked arch of the back should slip a pillow under their knees to relieve any tension in the lumbar region.

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This position is not recommended for people suffering from acidity problems and “sleep apnea”.

Sleeping alone!

Good news for singles: sleeping alone, according to a recent study, would promote sleep. Having more space, the “starfish” position is naturally adopted more easily. This position on the back with the arms raised behind the head, also allows maximum relaxation and is good for the spine. It would also prevent wrinkles on the face, unlike the side position. Sleeping alone would therefore make you more beautiful.

However, it also tends to cause snoring problems (is it really a problem when you sleep alone?) and acid reflux.

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