10 foods not to eat at night

Too greasy, too sweet, too salty or even too rich in vitamins, certain foods should be avoided at dinner if you want to have a good night’s sleep.

1.The bread

We consume an average  of 130 g of  bread  per day, or half a baguette.

However, the glycemic index of white bread leads to a spike in insulin which promotes fat storage. It is therefore not recommended to consume it in the evening. Prefer wholemeal bread , rich in fiber and more easily assimilated by the body.

2.The cold cuts

Deli meats contain a lot of salt , which means it increases the risk of waking up at night to rehydrate.

Rich in calories , it is also directly stored in our fat cells if it is consumed in the evening.

Finally, its saturated fatty acid content makes it poorly digestible, which is not conducive to restful sleep. 


fries are also high in fat , which makes them difficult for the body to assimilate. All fried foods are generally to be avoided at night because the metabolism slows down at bedtime . Digestion is less good and fats are more easily stored.

It is therefore better to reserve this type of food for lunch and in reasonable quantities. 

4.Red meat

Red meat is high in protein , which makes it slow to digest. Reducing cravings, it is therefore better to reserve it at lunchtime: it will provide the necessary energy throughout the afternoon, while in the evening it could cause pain and heaviness in the stomach.

As part of a high- protein diet , favor white meats in the evening, such as chicken or turkey.

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