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How to slice an onion quickly and without crying?

The onion is a basic ingredient that is practically impossible to do without in the kitchen. Appreciated in taste, this condiment does not make our life easy by making us cry when we cut it…

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the onion releases molecules in the air which are transformed in contact with our eyes into sulfuric acid. The latter is the cause of the appearance of tears.

So what are the tricks that actually work to avoid bursting into tears every time you cut onions? Here are all our practical tips!

Why do we cry when we cut onions?

We have to start by asking ourselves what really makes us cry when we cut an onion!

The answer is simple: when you slice an onion, it releases molecules into the air. These irritating gases will turn into sulfuric acid on contact with our eyes and thus cause tears to appear.

Tip n°1 – Soak the onion in water

Soaking the onion in water is a technique that allows us to cry less when cutting our onions.

To do this: remove the first layer and let the onions soak in a bowl filled with cold water for ten minutes.

The irritating compounds will be lost in the water and the onions will also taste less pronounced and less pungent.

This is a technique that is effective when you want to eat raw onions.

Tip n°2 – Cut the onion under the hood

If you have a range hood, this is the right place to cut onions. Install your cutting board on the stove and under the hood running at maximum power.

The irritating particles that will be released when you cut the onions will then be sucked up and cannot come to tease your eyes.

Here is a good solution!

Tip n°3 – How about trying ski or swimming goggles?

If you want to slice an onion quickly and without crying, there is the technique of ski goggles or swimming goggles.

Even if the idea seems a little crazy to us, know that it really works.

Indeed, wearing ski goggles or swimming goggles protects the eyes from direct contact with the irritating molecules released when you cut your onions. When the glasses are well sealed, protection is assured despite the very strange style that is projected.

So why not try ?

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