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How to store salad?

Lettuces, arugula, oak leaves and romaine are just as many varieties of tasty salads that we like to dress with a simple vinaigrette or alongside roast meat. Slimming allies par excellence, but not only, salads are to be considered as noble products in their own right and deserve to be pampered to preserve their crunch and all their nutrients.

How to properly clean your salad? Where should it be stored in your refrigerator for optimal conservation?

Swap your salads in bags for a beautiful early salad, we reveal the simple gestures to follow to keep it as long as possible.

How to clean and prepare the salad?

To preserve your salad in an optimal way, there are simple gestures to respect:

  • Before storing it in the refrigerator, you will need to fill your sink or a basin with very cold water;
  • Add a dash of white vinegar or cider vinegar;
  • Gently strip the lettuce and immerse them completely in the water;
  • Stir the leaves of your salad for a few moments to rid them of their impurities;
  • Pass the salad through your spinner or drain them on a good clean cloth;
  • Completely dry the quantity of lettuce you want to cook at the moment, and make sure that the leaves to be kept are still very damp, because water is their best ally in the face of time;
  • Forget plastic or paper bags and prefer a box, a plastic container with an airtight lid;
  • Line the bottom of your box with absorbent paper or a tea towel previously run under running water;
  • Place your lettuce leaves there without packing them down, they must be well ventilated.
  • Close your bin, all you have to do is put it in the fridge!

How to properly store lettuce?

One last tip allows optimal conservation: did you know that each product has a predestined place in our refrigerators?

Depending on the different areas in your refrigerator, the temperature is slightly different.

The products placed at the very bottom, and at the top, take advantage of the coldest temperatures. The vegetable drawer is not placed at the bottom by chance, it is the most temperate zone, where your salad will keep best by avoiding being burned by the cold. 

Regular maintenance

By applying the various tips mentioned above, you can keep your favorite salad crunchy for about five days.

You can even exceed this time by checking daily that your salad in the drawer of your refrigerator is still moist and by gently tossing the leaves to air them again!

The same tricks apply to baby spinach, green leeks and all aromatic herbs, no more wasting your favorite products!

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