10 foods you should never put in the microwave

Some foods don’t mix well with the microwave. It is therefore better to favor another method of cooking or to eat them cold if possible.


The  apple , and in general, all fruits and vegetables should not be cooked as is in the microwave. So forget the microwave-baked apple, it may burst under the effect of the heat  and “repaint” your microwave.

If you don’t have an oven or still want express cooking in the microwave, peel it, cut it into  small pieces  and place them in a ramekin with a little water to limit bursting and splashes. Cover and cook 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Chili peppers , on heating, release capsaicin , a chemical that gives chili peppers their spiciness. This substance, although volatile, can spread through the air once the microwave door is opened and sting the eyes .

It is better to dissolve it directly in a preparation in the oven and in the pan, covering the container in which it is. 

the egg

naked egg

The egg does not mix well with the microwave. The egg white and yolk that make it up are proteins that swell under the effect of heat. The shell, which cannot contain them, bursts, spreading egg all over the microwave.

However, it is possible to cook eggs in the microwave by purchasing a special microwave egg cooker which will contain the shell and prevent it from exploding.



The potato can be heated in the microwave if it is raw: just peel it or wash it well and place it in an airtight container with a little water.

On the other hand, if it has already been cooked, it is strongly advised not to reheat it in the microwave because it releases toxic substances which promote the development of bacteria and can cause digestive disorders. 

The mushrooms

digestive disorders immunodeficiency mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the most fragile vegetables.

They should be cooked gently and above all, they should never be cooked twice, at the risk of causing stomach pain .

If they were cooked the day before, it is better to eat them cold in a salad . They will taste and be healthier!

The chicken

naked chicken

Chicken , and all meat in general, should not be reheated in the microwave because it contains a lot of protein . This accelerates the development of bacteria and distorts the taste, which changes completely under the effect of heat.

It is therefore better to eat it cold with mayonnaise and crisps, or in a lighter version, with lettuce. 

A vacuum dish

On the packaging of vacuum-packed dishes , a pictogram representing a microwave is often present. Indeed, it is possible to reheat these dishes in the microwave and this is even their main advantage (speed) but you must not forget to pierce it or remove the lid from above to let the air circulate.

If necessary, the food will swell under the effect of the heat and the dish will burst!



Mussels , and in general, all seafood as well as shellfish, should not be heated in the microwave or risk causing gastric pain and digestive disorders . 

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It is better to favor a cooking method in the pan and consume them the same day. They will also taste much better. 

The canned goods

7 things to know canned foods canned foods can be stored for several years

Canned goods can be heated in the microwave provided the contents are not cooked directly in the container. Cans are actually made of metal and aluminum , but cooking these materials in the microwave causes sparks.

Drain the contents through a colander, place it in a container and cover it with pierced cling film to avoid splashes.  

The grape

Grapes , and in general, all fruits containing pits and seeds, should not be cooked in the microwave or they will explode.

The grape is all the more inadvisable because it can be dangerous for health under the effect of heat by releasing an ionized gas called “plasma” which can be toxic. Whatever the cooking method, it is therefore recommended not to heat it. 

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