Chocolate, a treasure trove of health benefits…

Chocolate, made from the cocoa bean, is often very popular with gourmets. What if chocolate combined indulgence and health benefits?

Cocoa, thanks to the fibers of which it is composed, would limit constipation by stimulating intestinal transit. Thus, the higher the chocolate content in cocoa, the more fiber it contains. 100g of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa contain, for example, around 15g of fiber, which is more than certain vegetables such as zucchini or cucumber. In addition, chocolate also contains polyphenols that help strengthen the intestinal mucosa, one of the ramparts of our immune system… 

An antioxidant ally

Chocolate is one of the foods richest in flavonoids , antioxidants found in cocoa powder at around 10%. These play a significant role in the prevention of certain diseases such as cancer and help fight against the premature aging of cells. More surprisingly, the antioxidant capacity of cocoa is 2 to 3 times higher than that of green tea and wine… 

The benefits on the cardiovascular and blood system

Dark chocolate improves the functioning of arteries and blood circulation. Flavonoids limit the appearance of bad cholesterol (LDL), dilate blood vessels and improve coagulation, thus limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, chocolate should be consumed in moderation because its energy intake remains high with 500kcal per 100g, or 1/4 of our daily needs. On the other hand, consuming only 2 squares of dark chocolate a day would lower blood pressure and thus prevent heart problems…

The benefits on morale

Cocoa is an excellent source of magnesium. It helps fight fatigue, stress and anxiety. It also contains tryptophans (= amino acids) which transform and transmit serotonin to the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in mood since it can bring a feeling of calm and well-being, which often leads to think that chocolate is an antidepressant. The simple fact of tasting chocolate brings comfort and satisfaction, since it would also promote the secretion of endorphins , the hormone of happiness.

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