Excessive sweating: here’s how to limit it immediately

Summer is here and the first peaks of heat have already taken place in France. Faced with this, the body has its solution: perspiration.

Sweating is normal and no one can escape it. It is a very basic function of our body that regulates our temperature so that it stays at 37°C.

The body sweats between 0.5 and 1 liter of sweat per day. This becomes problematic when this perspiration becomes excessive, up to 3 liters per day.

Some sweat little, others a lot more. For some, it becomes so inconvenient that daily life and social relationships are disrupted. Here are 5 tips to avoid sweating too much.

Thoroughly wash these 3 areas of the body

First of all, be aware that personal hygiene is essential to limit the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odors.

If you have the sensation of sweating a lot, it is necessary to be really picky about the morning and evening toilet.

Carefully wash your armpits, feet and hands, at least twice a day with soap and water. It is advisable to shave or epilate the hair located under the armpits, allowing to optimize the effect of a deodorant and reducing bad odors.

You can also adapt your style of dress. Avoid wearing synthetic materials and prefer natural materials, such as linen and cotton when it’s hot.

Focus on black tea

Before resorting to antiperspirant products that contain many chemical agents, have you thought about all these natural herbal recipes or alternative medicine? These techniques would not disrupt your body’s natural sweating functions. 

Black tea can put an end to excessive sweating: it contains tannic acid with astringent and antiperspirant properties.

Infuse two bags of black tea in three glasses of very hot water, let steep for fifteen minutes and dab your armpits, feet or palms with a washcloth or cotton ball. Repeat this gesture regularly.

Make your own natural deodorant

To sweat less, you can opt for natural deodorants, but those sold in supermarkets suffer from the presence of aluminum salts. A situation that had created controversy because of their toxic properties.

To turn to 100% natural, alum stone seemed to be the perfect solution.

Effective and inexpensive natural method that can be found in pharmacies, alum stone helps regulate armpit perspiration and is not only used to mask odors.

Be careful though, there is also aluminum. So it’s natural yes, but it’s not recommended by all scientists, who contradict each other on the subject.

If you want to make your own deodorant, here is a recipe for a natural and effective product to tighten the pores of the skin: pour three tablespoons of white clay, a teaspoon of baking soda and essential oils in a bowl (10 EO drops of cypress and 10 drops of palmarosa).

Mix with a wooden spoon until the essential oils are completely dispersed in the powder. The mixture must be homogeneous, dry and without lumps.

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You can then pour this mixture into a salt shaker and use it as a talc on very dry armpits, on the feet or in the shoes.

Learn to relax and manage stress

Stress is an important contributor to perspiration. Have sweaty palms, cold sweats or halos happened to you before a stressful moment?

Your body has released the hormones responsible for this, catecholamines. The best known being dopamine and adrenaline.

Take this sweating problem at its root by learning to manage your stress, it can sometimes prove to be as effective as certain medical treatments.

To do this, you can do breathing exercises. It is important to “well” breathe, that is to say to have abdominal breathing, which will relieve your anxiety. Chest breathing lowers the pressure.

Adapt your diet

Certain foods tend to raise your body temperature.

Avoid spicy foods, garlic and onion, which tend to increase body sweating by warming up body temperature.

Choose plant-based drinks as explained above and avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

These also warm up your body and therefore force it to sweat more.

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