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How to treat a persistent cough naturally?

Pharmacology today offers a wide range of syrups, suppositories and other medicated solutions to cure a persistent cough. It is interesting to know that we can also find, at home and in nature, the ingredients to prepare effective recipes for treating coughs.

To liquefy the mucus that clogs the respiratory system, certain herbal infusions are effective. Herbal tea made from fir buds, for example, is recommended to cure an irritating cough; the expectorant action of its sap frees the bronchi and lungs from accumulated secretions. Infusions based on eucalyptus, thyme or chamomile, embellished with a small spoonful of honey, also provide welcome comfort.

You can consume up to 3 cups a day . In addition, they are ideal at bedtime to sleep better

Grapes, especially the darker ones, invigorate the respiratory system and are an excellent natural expectorant . By consuming them daily, especially when we have a cold or the flu, we also benefit from a good dose of antioxidants. To calm a persistent cough, it is recommended to drink a glass of grape juice (ideally organic) to which you must add a teaspoon of honey

Another recipe to calm the onset of a cough is to boil the peel of three lemons (ideally organic) in mineral water. Let everything infuse for 5 minutes. Then add a spoonful of honey, stir, and drink hot

For decades, our grandmothers have relied on the healing properties of onion to calm the irritation caused by coughing and clear the bronchi. Simply prepare a syrup by cutting a fresh onion into small cubes and squeezing it to extract the juice. Mix this liquid with a teaspoon of honey. Then let it sit for six hours . It is recommended to consume half a teaspoon of this mixture twice a day, over a maximum period of three days.

Note: If you do not notice any improvement in your cough after a few days, consult your doctor.

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