10 foods to lower blood pressure

If the causes of hypertension are not all clearly defined, we know that lifestyle habits, and in particular food, can clearly weigh in the balance. To reduce hypertension, certain foods can help if they are eaten as part of an appropriate diet (less fat, less salt, less sugar, etc.) and monitored by a doctor.


In an “anti-hypertension” diet, it is essential to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli .

Broccoli is indeed rich in calcium , magnesium and potassium , and would thus help regulate blood pressure .

In addition, its flavonoid content makes it a protective food against coronary diseases to which hypertension can lead.

But be careful, it must be eaten raw or very undercooked to benefit from its nutrients!


Garlic is the most well-known natural anti-hypertension remedy in the world .

Garlic has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and works against atherosclerosis .

To enjoy its benefits, it will be necessary to eat at least 4 cloves a day. So, take it in capsules if that’s not your thing!

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