How to fight effectively and naturally against bad cholesterol

The onion is a food that can be considered as a medicine, as the virtues it contains are numerous. The battle against cholesterol is one of his priorities.

How to fight effectively and naturally against bad cholesterol? The onion could well be a valuable solution…

The onion and its amazing virtues

Onion is a pretty incredible food that has a host of benefits for the whole body. Protective, curative, antioxidant, energetic, the powers of the onion date back to the dawn of time. This is probably why it is part of so many Central European dishes . We also know that its calcium, iodine, iron and phosphorus content gives it an essential role in the good health of our organism. 

Excellent for the liver, for the pancreas, for the balance of the digestive and respiratory system in general, for the permeability of the kidneys, the onion is also recognized as an anti-cancer, an anti-inflammatory and a natural antibiotic . It boosts our natural defenses. To consume without moderation !

The war on bad cholesterol

If you suffer from low (bad) cholesterol , onion can be of great help. ” This quality comes from the antioxidants and omega 3 it contains , whose anti-cholesterol effect is no longer to be proven “, explains Dr. Arnaud Cocaul, nutritionist. To take care of your arteries, you have to control the level of fats in your blood: some are good and essential for the proper functioning of the body. They are useful, among other things, for the synthesis of vitamin D allowing the fixation of calcium on the bones.

Other fats, on the other hand, are very harmful: we then speak of LDL, low density lipoproteins. The LDL level should not exceed 1.60g/L of blood. Beyond this fateful threshold, LDL will deposit cholesterol on the walls of the arteries and gradually cause their obstruction. Cardiovascular accidents are then to be feared. 

Platelet aggregation is decreased

A British study found that people who consumed onion soup every day saw platelet aggregation decrease. In other words, the blood circulates better. This action could be due to the addition of antioxidants and sulfur compounds from the onion. On the other hand, if omega 3 reduce cholesterol, we also know that potassium which reduces excess salt in the body protects the heart and arteries . 

“ The correlation between triglycerides and cholesterol is still unknown. We know, however, that when the level of triglycerides increases, the level of good cholesterol drops, while the bad cholesterol densifies to become more harmful and participate in clogging the arteries ” also specifies Doctor Cocaul.

How to consume it?

To lower your bad cholesterol level, invite onions to your table as part of a healthy, varied and balanced diet. The most effective is to eat raw yellow or red onion in a salad. Cooked, in soup, in chutney, candied in the oven, it is also good for your health if you don’t combine it with too much oil, but it somewhat loses its antioxidant properties. 

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