Headaches: 5 signs to be concerned about

Headaches are very common. Some may be quite harmless, others, on the other hand, may be a sign of a more serious disease. But when should you worry?

A headache that persists is always a little worrying. We wonder if something serious is happening. If he resists painkillers, you have to go to the doctor but, in some cases, it is better to go directly to the emergency room. Here are 5 points that should allow you to see things more clearly

If the headache is accompanied by vomiting

Do you have a very bad headache and this pain is accompanied by vomiting and dizziness? Do not waste a moment and ask a loved one to accompany you to the emergency room. If this is not possible, it is imperative to call 15. According to the National Cancer Institute, the development of a brain tumor indeed sometimes leads to headaches, ” which appear rather in the morning on waking and are accompanied by often nausea or even vomiting .

These headaches are due to increased pressure inside the skull. This is why they are more violent in the morning, because when you are lying down, the pressure of the body is higher. These headaches, accompanied by vomiting, can also be a sign of a concussion or head trauma. Two disorders that require consultation as soon as possible.

If the headache is accompanied by pain in the arm

If you have a headache and this persistent pain is accompanied by tingling or even paralysis in your arm, you may be having a stroke. These pains may be associated with speech difficulties, loss of visual acuity, paralysis of part of the face or mouth, or loss of motor skills in an arm or leg. or even half of the body.

If you experience these symptoms, or if you witness someone who is in this situation, do not wait to call 15 and specify all the symptoms you have observed. In the case of a stroke, every minute counts. After one hour, 120 million neurons will have been destroyed and after 4 hours, the hopes of remission are almost nil.

If the headache comes on suddenly during pregnancy

Headaches during pregnancy are common. However, if a sharp pain comes on suddenly and you have entered your 3rd  trimester, then this pain may be a sign that you have pre-eclampsia. This disease is common during pregnancy, but if left untreated, it can lead to the death of the mother and, or, of the child.

This disease can be diagnosed by frequent monitoring of blood pressure, but also by an analysis of the amount of protein in the urine. According to the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), each year in France, 40,000 women are affected by this disease.

If the headache occurs after an accident

You may have had an accident and come out of it just fine. But if after a few days, even a few weeks, you feel violent headaches, it may be that you are suffering from a cerebral hematoma. This is a pool of blood that forms in the brain after a vessel ruptures. This hematoma can have serious consequences.

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If it is not treated quickly, the hematoma may indeed grow and lead to a coma with irreversible consequences for the brain. To treat this type of hematoma, doctors decompress areas of the brain that have been compressed. It’s dangerous, but it can avoid a lot of damage.

If the headache is accompanied by memory loss

Finally, a headache may be accompanied by memory problems, absences, visual disturbances, or difficulty concentrating. These abnormal disorders are perhaps, again, the sign of a tumour. Please note that these tumors are not necessarily malignant. But they can affect brain function simply by compressing nearby tissue, which causes visual or auditory disturbances.

But, in any case, do not hesitate for a second to consult a doctor or, better, to go to the emergency room. At the hospital, you may be given a battery of tests to understand your symptoms and assess whether or not they are serious.

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