10 things not to do when you are pregnant

When you are pregnant for the first time, you are looking for advice and information to know what to do and what not to do. Indeed, some things are simply to be avoided!

Expose yourself to the sun

During pregnancy, exposing your skin to the sun leads to the appearance of brown spots. This is called the pregnancy mask.

If you have to expose yourself, protect your skin with an index 50 sunscreen, to be applied every two hours.

Wear a hat and stay hydrated.

Use essential oils

Whether in massage, with a cotton swab on a button, in diffusion or inhalation, all contact with essential oils should be avoided in early pregnancy . Indeed, these can cross the placental barrier and represent a danger for the developing fetus.

After the 1st trimester of pregnancy, some can be used.

Before use, seek advice from a doctor, pharmacist or naturopath.

Refrain from going to the toilet

Pregnant, when the urge arises, go to the toilet immediately, do not hold back , otherwise you risk a urinary tract infection.

Urinary tract infections during pregnancy can have serious consequences for your baby.

Try to go to the toilet several times a day and for that: drink lots of water!

Eat what you want

To avoid listeriosis and toxoplasmosis in particular (if not immune), pregnant women must avoid  :

  • raw fish
  • raw meat
  • The alcohol
  • Cheese crusts
  • Raw milk and raw or unpasteurized cheese
  • Uncured deli meats
  • Delicatessen in jelly
  • raw eggs
  • The pie
  • Unpasteurized fruit juices
  • Raw oysters, clams and mussels

Some foods should be consumed in moderation such as coffee or certain fish such as tuna, sea bass or swordfish for example.

Also, it is recommended to take extra precautions when defrosting meat to reduce the risk of food poisoning, the consequences of which can be serious for babies.

Finally, there is no need to eat for two during pregnancy  ! Your energy needs do not change during the first six months of pregnancy and only increase slightly during the last three months. On the other hand, it is important to eat healthy!

Practice certain sports

In general, when you are pregnant, you should avoid all sports that could cause a fall or a blow .

These include: combat sports; rollerblading, mountain biking, windsurfing, sky, scuba diving (to be avoided because of the risk of lack of oxygen for the baby).

On the other hand, a gentle sports activity such as aquagym, walking or yoga is completely recommended!

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