Learn all about cancer screening

Prevention is undoubtedly the best weapon against cancer. Cancer screening makes it possible, in the event of a tumour, to take charge of the disease early enough to better manage it. Short summary of the screenings to be carried out.

Lung cancer: diagnose earlier

Bronchial or bronchopulmonary cancer is oftten treated at an advancd stage,which results in less room for maneuver for the medical profession With an earlier diagnosis of tumours, it would be possible to reduce the mortality rate linked to this form of cancer. Contrary to popular belief, lung cancer treated early enough can be cured. A persistent cough, bloody sputum, and chest pain with deep breaths are all signs that should be taken seriously. These symptoms should lead immediately to the doctor, especially for smokers over 40.

It should be noted that most lung cancers are due to smoking, including passive smoking. The fight against smoking among the youngest must remain a priority: avoid exposing children to smoke, whether it is your own, that of your family members or your friends. Pregnant women should also be particularly vigilant.

skin cancer

Any suspicious lesions on the skin should be checked with a dermatologist. Skin cancer most often develops around a mole, which becomes larger, changes color or begins to bleed. The appearance of the skin tumor can also take the form of a flat spot on the skin, with a slightly raised surface and which presents heterogeneous hues: black, brown, blue, red or orange. The scars are also to be monitored: if they get bigger and take on other colors, you must consult a doctor.

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