5 good reasons to run

Running is the big sport in fashion. For several years, many people have been getting into it, and the list of short or long distance shopping is getting longer and longer. Are you also thinking of joining the movement, but are you still hesitating? Here are 5 good reasons to run.

1. It’s an accessible and inexpensive sport

No need for equipment, no need to necessarily register in a club, no need to learn a specific technique for several sessions before mastering running. Once you’ve decided to start, buy a good pair of suitable sneakers, a breathable and light outfit, and get started.

A few tips for getting started

At the start, why not treat yourself to 1 or 2 sessions with a coach, or seek advice from a loved one who is a seasoned runner, so you will avoid bad postures and injuries. But nothing prevents you from starting alone, at your own pace, after a visit to the sports doctor to ensure that you have no contraindications.

A pleasant ground, desire, a good warm-up, light stretching at the end of the session and good hydration are the only essentials to start running.

2. It’s a complete sport with many benefits

By running, you use many parts of your body:

  • your lower limbs;
  • your thighs;
  • your calves, which allow you to lengthen your stride and move forward;
  • your abs;
  • your back muscles to stay sheathed and straight.

Of course, your lungs and heart are working hard and getting stronger with each session.

Running is a complete sport, during which you strengthen your muscles, and during which you exercise a lot. On average, a 55 kg woman who runs for thirty minutes at a moderate pace (8 km/h) will burn 230 calories. It is therefore an ideal sport for slimming down but also for losing weight, provided that the diet is healthy. .

After your run, your sleep is improved, you will certainly be able to spend less restless nights and benefit from a more restful sleep. This sport is often practiced outdoors, you oxygenate your body all the better.

An ideal sport for the mind

You forge it by going beyond your limits, you also improve the quality of your concentration. If you practice in leisure, it will be your weekly breath of fresh air, a moment just for yourself. If you are a competitive person, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to creating new challenges for yourself. It is also an ideal sport for meeting people and making new friends: in your building, or at the office, there is bound to be another runner around you who will be happy to exchange tips with you, or to share output.

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