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5 ways to use vinegar as a cosmetic

This is another natural product that could well revolutionize the way you take care of yourself! Vinegar, and more particularly cider vinegar, becomes your everyday beauty ally.

What if you traded a good part of your beauty products that fill the cupboards of your bathroom for a single bottle of vinegar? Here are five beauty tips, among many others, to use without moderation.

The virtues of vinegar

Why is vinegar , and in particular cider vinegar, which we are going to talk about the most here, so much talked about lately? The fed up with chemicals and dubious components undoubtedly plays in its favor and allows its (re)discovery beyond the simple seasoning of the salad. Yes, because apple cider vinegar is a nugget for the body from head to toe , inside and out. 

It is a source of vitamin A and vitamin B, enzymes and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and zinc. It is even said that its action allows the absorption of heavy metals contained in the body. So, are we taking the step? 

nice skin

Forget the layers of creams that will smother the skin with chemicals, the masks containing plastic particles that will strip the skin and remove its natural sebum and essential to the balance of its pH. Thanks to cider vinegar, ideally organic, you find a baby’s skin purified of the harmful effects of limestone and pollution . After meticulous make-up removal, apply it on a cotton pad, like a lotion. A real boost!

To the fingertips

Before going through the varnish box, have you thought about cleaning your nails thoroughly? There’s nothing like soaking your fingers in a bowl of vinegar (white vinegar if possible) for about five minutes. Two-in-one, you soften the cuticles and this will facilitate the work before applying your varnish. Guaranteed result!

Say goodbye to dandruff

White vinegar is often recommended to make hair shine after your usual shampoo. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar can really provide lasting relief if you suffer from itching and dandruff . Two solutions are available to you: you can massage your scalp with cider vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes before shampooing.

Another tip, mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and a quarter cup of water in a bottle with a spray nozzle. Water your scalp then let your hair rest in a towel between fifteen minutes and an hour and do your usual shampoo. Apple cider vinegar is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its acidity will change and regulate the pH of your scalp. 

An after-shave treatment

We do not forget the gentlemen because, with their daily care, and in particular shaving, they should also resort to vinegar! If your skin is tight or a little irritated, mix a little cider vinegar and jojoba oil , known for its calming and softening properties. For a slightly more pleasant smell, add a few drops of essential oil of cedar, mint or lavender. The latter is ideal for soothing, disinfecting the skin and healing small cuts.

Sweet after sunburn

The beautiful days are coming and with them the first sunbathing… and the terrible sunburns. More than being unsightly, they are really harmful for the skin and especially that of the youngest. It stings and it heats, it pulls and itches… Don’t panic! Your bottle of apple cider vinegar is not far away. Impregnate a compress with your magic potion and place it on the sunburn for five minutes, morning and evening. 

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