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Oily skin: what to do against shiny skin?

Oily skin is a problem faced by many people. A favorite spot for imperfections, oily skin is easily prone to pimples and blackheads. An excess of sebum is also the skin that shines all day, which can be very annoying from an aesthetic point of view. Focus on solutions against oily skin.

Oily skin: what causes?

Oily skin can be very troublesome on a daily basis. The skin tends to shine, the pores dilate because they are blocked by the excess of sebum, and it is the open door to imperfections. Make-up tends to slip on the skin during the day, making oily skin even more difficult to camouflage, in short, it can be very painful on a daily basis.

First of all, you should know that oily skin can be triggered by several factors. First, your skin can react to too rich treatments that nourish your skin too much. If you have oily skin and you use dry skin care, there is bound to be a problem. Conversely, if you use an oily skin cream or an oily skin mask that is too powerful, the skin can be dried out and attacked, it then responds with an even more pronounced production of sebum.

Finally, we all have a natural skin type. Some people have naturally oily skin, with particularly active sebum production. This can be annoying but there are solutions. 

Oily skin what to do?

A healthier diet for less oily skin

Let it be said, oily skin is not inevitable. Among the major causes, food. And yes, our diet particularly impacts the beauty of our skin. Oily skin can come from a diet that is too oily: without saying going on a diet, a balanced diet and good hydration can already help to rebalance sebum production and have less shiny skin.

A beauty routine adapted to oily skin

The beauty routine must always be adapted to your skin type. To remove your make-up, a micellar water or a gentle tonic lotion will be ideal to remove make-up gently and without greasing. Then apply a special cleansing gel for oily skin to eliminate all the impurities that can prevent the skin from breathing.

Be careful not to choose a cleansing gel that is too strong or too exfoliating, which could dry out the skin and create a reaction. Finish with an oily skin cream to moisturize the skin without greasing it. If you have blemishes, you can use a concealer stick or an anti-pimple roll-on on the targeted areas.

Cleansing your face morning and evening then moisturizing it is essential when you have oily skin. A good cleansing will eliminate excess sebum and make the skin more receptive to oily skin treatments and make-up hold better. Above all, your skin will be much clearer if it is cleaned daily! Once or twice a week, you can apply an oily skin mask to deeply cleanse and purify the skin.

Camouflage your oily skin

On the make-up side, be careful to choose non-comedogenic products, that is to say which are not likely to create imperfections. Choose light products such as mineral foundation, or loose powder to mattify, rather than thick products that let the skin breathe less.

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Because yes, we have the right to cheat a little by camouflaging our oily skin. Your best ally? Mattifying papers! Sold in drugstores and cosmetics stores, these small sheets of paper help absorb sebum, for small touch-ups during the day. You can simply do a paper touch-up to mattify oily skin, and if that’s not enough, you can take the opportunity to powder the T-zone.

Be careful, however, not to accumulate 40 layers of powder during the day without blotting the sebum with mattifying paper, because the skin risks suffocating under the sebum and all the make-up, and therefore responding with even more sebum… A real vicious circle if you don’t clean your skin regularly.

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