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How to stay hydrated without sweating in summer?

Summer is here and you are already afraid to apply your moisturizer, for fear of sweating! Don’t panic, we give you the right gestures.

No question of letting the skin dry out because your cream is making you sweat. Here are some tips for taking care of your skin despite the hot weather.

Why does cream make you sweat?

You have certainly already felt the funny feeling after applying your day cream on a summer morning… Barely outside, it’s a disaster, you sweat like it’s not allowed and goodbye to pretty makeup! And yet we must not give up hydration of the face and body even in summer. When it’s hot, the skin sweats because  the body tries to regulate its temperature to maintain it at 37°C . 

If we don’t moisturize the skin for fear of sweating more, what happens? For fear of becoming dehydrated, the body and the skin in particular will produce more and more sebum. This fat will be a means of blocking the water that escapes from the body. So the less you hydrate, the oilier the skin becomes! 

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