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Our advice for accepting aging

It’s unanimous: no one likes to see white hair and wrinkles appear. Yet it is impossible to fight against time and the years go by inexorably. So you might as well take things philosophically. Here are our tips for accepting aging.

Since it is impossible to prevent the passage of time, you might as well accept aging. Here’s how.

Meditate on death

Death is the finalphase of our time spent on earth. Even though we know it will end our lives, we all hope that day will come as late as possible. And inevitably, the older you get, the closer the hour comes …

Does this idea scare you? This is normal but fortunately you can tame this anxiety. According to Marie de Hennel, psychotherapist, ”  Meditating on one’s finitude allows one to age serenely  ,” reads an article in Psychologies . Look to your past and reflect on all that you have accomplished and be proud of it . If necessary, read texts such as the prayer of St. Augustine: Death is nothing.

Some people, to be less afraid of their own death and the day when they will leave for the afterlife, prepare their funerals . Texts, celebration, choice of coffin and flowers… A reassuring way of ensuring that everything will be done in their own way.

Make peace with others and yourself

Ask forgiveness from those you have hurt, (re)tell your affection to the people you love . You can’t do it? Write them a nice letter! A wonderful memory to keep and a real source of happiness and peace of mind for everyone.

To be at peace with yourself, get rid of everything that could be eating you up, let go of remorse, regrets and grudges .

Learn to love yourself

Do you have wrinkles appearing on your face? Your white hair is more and more numerous? Are you sure this is unsightly? Be objective : if on Georges Clooney, you find that the pepper and salt hair is not without charm, tell yourself that it is perhaps also your case! What else? As for wrinkles, they give character to a face: don’t you think?

Getting older doesn’t mean getting ugly, it’s just a change . Watch how softer the skin is on an older person. One can be old and beautiful: it is absolutely not incompatible!

To feel useful

One of the fears that arises as we get older is the fear of dependency and of feeling worthless. To stop feeling this fear, make yourself useful and above all, feel useful .

Helping a child with their homework, relieving a young mother by looking after her children for a few hours, getting involved in charity… There are many ways to make yourself useful  : everyone has to find what they are capable of doing. .

Place for projects

When you were younger and active, did you find that you didn’t have time to do anything? Since aging rhymes with retirement, see the good side of things  : you will finally be able to achieve what you have wanted to do for years!

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It’s time to embark on all the projects that you haven’t had time to materialize: finally write that book that has been germinating for years in your brain, take that trip around the world that you dream of so much, spend your helicopter license, learn a new instrument… in short, projects and free time are up to you  !

Remember these words spoken by General MacArthur during the eulogy of US President Roosevelt: “  Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind  ”. We can grow old while remaining young: “  You will remain young as long as you remain receptive. Receptive to what is beautiful, good and great. Receptive to the messages of Nature, of women, of men and of the Infinite  ”.

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