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How to overcome your fear of aging?

If there is one fear as old as the world, it is that of growing old. From poets to writers, including composers, painters and sculptors, not to mention philosophers, few artists and thinkers have not dealt with the question, and its inescapable nature. Some have provided answers and solutions, others have reinforced this phobia. We, here, are going to give you some tips to get rid of it effectively.

The years pass, and you feel a certain anxiety at the thought of aging? Rest assured, there are tips to help you get through this new stage in your life with peace of mind. 

The fear of aging is first and foremost the fear of dying

To be afraid of aging is, without admitting it, to be in fact afraid of dying. This fear is triggered, provoked, by subjective or objective changes in our body. Which make you think that the ultimate deadline is approaching…

Subjective: a young woman in her thirties will complain of premature wrinkles, when it comes to expression wrinkles, or a little bit of fatigue. 

Objectives: declining eyesight, in someone who until now had excellent eyes, is an indisputable sign of the (quite relative) decrease in the body’s performance. The eye adapts less well, past forty… 

But all this is in fact not very serious.

How many times in your life have you met a woman in her forties who looked sixty ? And conversely, a fifties, who looked less than forty? How many relatives do you know who, well into their 60s, still take part in mountain hikes, or even half-marathons, without complaining?

Mens sana un corpore sano : a healthy mind in a healthy body

Tell yourself that if they can, you can too. It is simply a choice, or the consequence of a succession of choices, and it is never too late to do well. Take care of your body and your skin. Eat better. Playing sports… You will notice the first effects very quickly!

One of the best ways to get rid of this fear of aging is to keep your body in good health, or even, why not, to set yourself challenges. That mountain you never climbed? That race you never took part in? And what about doing ten, then twenty lengths in the pool? Or go to work or go shopping on foot, rather than taking the car or public transport?

The more you are proud of your body, and what it can accomplish, even the most mundane things, the less sensitive you will be to the fear of aging. 

Aging is also about gaining experience

And then there are also those who like to age, and you could be one of them. Again, it’s a matter of choice.

So, for example, have you not noticed that for some time, a few years perhaps in fact, you have been accomplishing certain tasks at top speed, and you are surprised that the “younger ones” are so slow, even incapable of doing them. perform correctly?

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It is one of the fruits of “old age”, and it is virtuous: it is called “experience”. Every day, you save time, which you can allocate to other tasks, or to hobbies. 

The benefits of experience are numerous. You easily find the solutions to your problems. Avoid some traps you have fallen into in the past. All this should make you happy! 

Finally, rather than postponing appointments, both with the doctor and with the dentist, very often, for fear that they will find “something” for you, on the contrary, increase the pace! Many small health problems are resolved quickly, taken in time, when they can become poisonous, long, when you start too late…

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