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The first signs of menopause

Generally occurring around the age of fifty, menopause is an essential stage in a woman’s life, which corresponds to the end of the reproductive period. It sometimes brings with it its share of changes and inconveniences that should be known in order to prepare for it.

Out of order cycles

The first symptoms can appear years before the onset of menopause, this is called premenopause .

It results in irregular cycles , first shorter then longer.

During a “normal” cycle, the woman secretes estrogen in the first part, then progesterone after ovulation.

In premenopause, there is too much production of estrogen . As the woman no longer ovulates regularly, these are found in excess in the body, causing breast tension, feelings of swelling and heaviness as well as very abundant periods, then less abundant and less regular.

Hot flashes

The first signs of menopause

Hot flashes affect almost 3 out of 4 women from the age of 48.

These are sudden rises in body heat , which can occur day or night and are accompanied by flushing of the face and chest, sweating and sometimes dizziness , tingling and palpitations . 

These hot flashes begin in premenopause and sometimes last several months, sometimes several years. 

weight gain

The first signs of menopause

In premenopause, the metabolism changes and losing pounds becomes more difficult , because the metabolism slows down and the drop in estrogen promotes the accumulation of fat and excess weight in the belly.

On the other hand, this hormonal deficiency amplifies food compulsions (sugar, fat).

Hence the importance of having a balanced diet and exercising! 

A gloomy mood

The first signs of menopause

Lack of motivation, irritability, melancholy, gloom, emotional fragility, anxiety … Symptoms often cited by women in menopause.

Indeed, the drop in female hormones can lead to depression, because estrogen regulates our mood .

A lack of energy

The first signs of menopause

The gradual decrease in estrogen is once again involved in the appearance of a certain lack of energy , even intense fatigue , which begins in the premenopause period.

Indeed, before that, hormones played an “anti-fatigue” role on the brain.

Sleep disturbances can also accompany this lack of energy. 

A decrease in libido

The first signs of menopause

It is estimated that at menopause, about half of women complain of reduced vaginal lubrication and decreased clitoral sensitivity . They would be even more likely to experience a drop in their desire as soon as their periods finally stop.

Once again, low libido and vaginal dryness are linked to hormonal drop. 

But also…

The first signs of menopause

At or before menopause, women can also suffer from:

  • Urinary disorders  ;
  • Joint pain  ;
  • Asthenia  ;
  • Loss of attention  ;
  • Memory loss .

Aside from the cessation of menstruation, all the disorders mentioned above are not constant and may affect some women to a greater or lesser extent or not affect them at all. Many women have none of these symptoms .

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