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The benefits of exfoliation

Exfoliation, also called “exfoliation”, is a treatment with many benefits that can be done in a salon, or at home, provided you adopt the right gestures and the right products.

An essential beauty and health treatment

We shed approximately 1 million skin cells every 24 hours. Eventually, dead skin cells build up, mix with the sebum of the skin and clog the pores, which causes blackheads, acne and more generally, skin imperfections and a dull complexion. .

Exfoliation accelerates the elimination of dead skin and activates cell regeneration. Exfoliation stimulates micro-circulation which improves skin radiance and promotes radiance. On the body, it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs, especially after waxing, and makes the skin softer.

The exfoliation, of the face but also of the body, is therefore an essential beauty/health treatment.

In practice

Mechanical exfoliation, the best known and most used, consists of combining a creamy texture with fine grains of sand, salt, particles of fruit pits or even micro-beads that will erase the skin. The exfoliation takes place thanks to a massage that is carried out. By massaging the grains on the skin, the dead skin is detached and falls.

Body and face must have two different treatments because the skin texture is not the same. The skin of the face being much finer, the grains of the scrub must be much finer and more delicate in order to avoid irritation. For the body, the grains can be thicker.

At the level of the gesture, it is necessary to carry out slow and circular movements for 2 to 3 minutes. No need to rub the skin too hard, it will not make the scrub more effective. 

Exfoliation is done at the rate of 1 to 2 times a week. As for your moisturizer, it is important to choose a treatment with the most natural composition possible, and targeted according to the needs of your skin: hydration, detox, anti-wrinkle, etc. to increase its benefits.

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