8 habits to adopt to avoid having back pain

Lower back pain, lumbago, sciatica… Back pain is diverse and there are many people who suffer from it. Yet pain could often be avoided by changing our habits…

Say no to sedentary lifestyle

sedentary lifestyle is a disaster for our backs!

And today, many of us spend 8 hours or more sitting in front of a screen, which causes us to lose some of our muscle mass. Our back is therefore less well maintained.

Regular physical activity is therefore the best preventive treatment against back pain.

If you already suffer from back pain, favor gentle activities such as swimming, walking or yoga.

Behave well

Many people suffer from back pain simply because they stand badly, it’s a shame!

Always think about your posture  :

  • Expand when standing or sitting;
  • In a seated position, be sure to put your feet flat on the ground;
  • Always keep your back straight;
  • Bend your legs to pick up something instead of bending over, especially something heavy;
  • Limit the wearing of high heels.

Optimize your workstation

If there is a place where we stand badly, it is the workstation!

When working in an office , you have to choose your seat carefully and above all stand up straight, with the screen facing your eyes and no lower, so that your neck stays in line with your spine.  

For physical occupations , back pain is more often related to carrying heavy loads, so be sure to bend your knees to lower yourself, take breaks when performing repetitive movements, and don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you start having back pain.

Lose weight if necessary

Obesity is a common cause of back pain.

Indeed, belly fat pulls on the back, which wears out the intervertebral disc and aggravates ligament pain.

To avoid this, it is therefore necessary to lose weight when the overweight is mainly located in the belly. Gently, we eat better  : more fruits and vegetables, especially fat-burning fruits and vegetables and less meat, fat and sugar. And we do not forget the sport , because the loss of weight must not be accompanied by loss of muscle, under penalty of causing the opposite effect: having back pain!

Stop smoking

We don’t necessarily think about it, but smoking , among all the problems it brings, makes our backs vulnerable.

This is because the discs between the vertebrae get less of the nutrients they need to function.

On the other hand, according to recent studies, many people have found that stopping smoking is linked to a reduction in back pain.  

Change position to sleep

Like you, your spine needs to rest at night!

It should therefore not support all your weight or be abused in an awkward position.

It is therefore recommended to sleep in the fetal position, on your back or on your side . On the other hand, you should not sleep on your stomach, because this position modifies the curvature of the spine.

See also  physiotherapy

Get a suitable mattress and pillows

To be in a good position for your spine, you need to have the right tools.

A good mattress and good pillows have a cost, but it’s important for your health!

The mattress must be flexible enough to respect the natural curvature of your back, more flexible if you are light and less if you are heavy.

For the pillow , the choice is very personal, but the best is to afford a memory foam pillow. Otherwise, choose a pillow that is firm if you sleep on your back and soft if you sleep on your side.

Eliminate stress

Many of our physical and mental problems are due to stress .

Among them is back pain .

To avoid back pain due to stress, it is therefore the stress itself that must be tackled by practicing a sports and/or artistic activity, taking breaks, practicing meditation and yoga, eating better, by spending more time in nature or even by changing jobs if that is the problem!

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