Melanoma: the 6 unmistakable signs!

Melanoma, apart from moles, is a small spot that appears on the skin. It is pink, red, dark brown or black. How to recognize it? Here are the 6 signs that do not lie!

The appearance of a brown spot

Apart from moles, if a small spot appears on an area of ​​skin that is pinkish, red, dark brown, or black in color, and is flat and featureless, it may be a a melanoma. Its evolution is rapid: change of shape, appearance and color.

A brown band under the nail

When melanoma grows under a fingernail, a brown or black band appears lengthwise, like a hematoma. If you have not suffered a shock on the nail and you notice the appearance of a colored band on it, a dermatological consultation is necessary.

The asymmetry and irregularity of a mole

Concerning melanomas observed from a mole (20% of melanomas), the “ABCDE rule” is in order.

  • A for Asymmetry: the mole is not regular, round or oval and its reliefs are not evenly distributed around its center.
  • B for Irregular edges: its edges are irregular and poorly defined.

A change in color of a mole

The letter C of the “ABCDE” rule for spotting a possible melanoma refers to the color change.

  • C for Colour: a change in the color of a mole (black, blue, brown, red or white) should motivate a consultation.

The change in diameter of a mole

The letter D of the “ABCDE” rule for identifying a possible melanoma refers to the diameter of the mole.

  • D for Diameter: a melanoma is generally large (ie larger than 6 mm).

A rapid evolution of a mole

The letter E of the “ABCDE” rule to identify a possible melanoma refers to the evolution of the mole.

  • E for Evolution: the melanoma evolves and grows, it changes both thickness and color.

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