Olive oil, the benefits of this vegetable oil

Organoleptic properties of olive oil

Botanical and organoleptic particularities are likely to change depending on production conditions (country, sunshine, organic production, etc.).

  • Color: Clear, yellow or green color;
  • Smell: Fruity;
  • Texture: Fluid;
  • Taste: Fruity.

The sweet and delicately fruity taste of one of the most famous olive oils: Aix-en-Provence olive oil.

Composition of olive oil

The composition of vegetable oil is strongly influenced by production conditions. To ensure its quality, it is recommended to select an extra virgin oil, obtained by cold pressing, ideally of biological origin.

To find out more about nutritional qualities (types of vitamins, concept of unsaturated, saturated and trans fatty acids) .

Fatty acid composition 

  • Monounsaturated AG : 55 to 83% oleic (Omega9);
  • Polyunsaturated FA: 3.5 to 21% linoleic and gamma-linolenic ( Omega6 ), 1% alpha linolenic (omega 3) Saturated FA : 7.5% to 20% palmitic, 2 to 12% stearic, 0.5% arachidic .

Other active constituents

  • Vitamins: E, D, K, provitamin A;
  • Other constituents: polyphenols, squalene, phytosterols, chlorophyll, selenium.

Ways to use olive oil

Olive oil applied to the skin 

Olive oil can be applied in different forms:

  • anointing;
  • massage ;
  • local application;
  • bath (for this use, the vegetable oil must be mixed with a surfactant such as: shower gel, liquid soap).

It is fully possible to combine olive oil with essential oils.

Nutritional use of olive oil


In this article, we distinguish the cutaneous and nutritional uses of vegetable oil according to the desired benefits.

Nevertheless, in certain cases, the absorption of a vegetable oil orally can influence the improvement of dermatological affections. Similarly, it is possible to wonder about the effectiveness of a vegetable oil used cutaneously on a physical pathology induced by a psycho-emotional or nervous imbalance.

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